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All arrangements by Vijay Iyer
Produced by Vijay Iyer
Recorded by Joe Marciano
at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY
on Nov. 3, 2008 & Mar. 31, 2009
Assistant Engineer: Max Ross
Mixed by Scotty Hard
at Clawed Knobs, Brooklyn, NY
on Apr. 11-13, 2009
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper,
at Turtletone Studio, New York, NY

Vijay Iyer — Steinway piano
Stephan Crump — bass
Marcus Gilmore — drums

Vijay Iyer is a Steinway artist and uses Ableton Live software

Cover Art by Anish Kapoor,
Model for Memory, 2008
by permission of the artist and Deutsche Guggenheim
Photo by Dave Morgan
Background photo: Chris Drukker

Released: August 28, 2009
© 2009 ACT Music + Vision
GmbH + Co.KG

Some may say that the American age of jazz is over. The melting pot, however, has proven itself once again. With Vijay Iyer, among others of his generation, a new era can begin. It is an era bound as equally to tradition as it is to the future, and a generation that has turned to face the entire world.

—from ACT Music's album information