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Music composed by
Lê, Miyazaki & Edouard
Produced, Recorded & Mixed
by Nguyên Lê
Executive Producer: Siegfried Loch
Recorded at Louxor studios,
Paris Barbès, April & May 2009
Mastered by Bruno Gruel,
Elektra Mastering

Nguyên Lê — electric guitar, acoustic guitar (3), Fretless guitar (4), ebow (9), mouth harp (1), synths (2,4)
Mieko Miyazaki — koto, koto bass (4,6,11), shamisen (2,4,8), vocals (5,7-10)
Prabhu Edouard — tala, percussions, vocals (1,5,7,8)
Special Guest: Hariprasad Chaurasia — bansuri flute (2,3,5)

Cover Art by Klaus Schmitt "Netz"

Released: Oct 23, 2009
© 2009 ACT Music + Vision
GmbH + Co.KG

Ajoyful, rewarding encounter: this translation sums up the feel of these recordings, for the simple reason that it is the sheer joy of playing and exploring each member of the group’s musical qualities that define Saiyuki as a whole. The compelling east-west-east tour through an Asia made accessible to jazz leaves an unexpected assortment of impressions. It doesn’t matter whether the songs' titles are about food, the deities of one Asian realm or another, or simply the enchantment of the encounter: in Nguyên Lê’s Asian world-jazz, all these things and more come together easily.

—from ACT Music's album information